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Torrance Muay Thai
For over 4 years now I have been attending Boxing Works, practicing Muay Thai, and making life-long friends and experiences.

I started training at Boxing Works at age 14, as I looked for something fun and unique to do with my time. Over time, I've fallen in love with the sport of Muay Thai, began competing under the instruction of top-notch, world class coaches at BW, and have put myself on a life path that I never would've imagined.

Boxing Works caters to everyone - kids, men and women alike. The aspiring fighter, the one trying to get in shape, the one looking to learn the true traditional arts of boxing and Muay Thai. Boxing Works is my second home, and I couldn't possibly recommend it enough to anyone looking to learn how to fight, get in shape, or learn a combat sport. Stop by, try and class and get to know the great people that call Boxing Works their home.

Victor A.
Student, Brown University/ Muay Thai Fighter

Lisa T.
When I first moved to the Southbay in 2003, I wanted to find a gym that would challenge me. I had taken kickboxing classes in my teens and thought I should call around. I found Boxing Works and dialed in, my first question to the man on the other end was “do you hit pads, I want to hit pads…I don’t want cardio kickboxing” His response, “we have class tonight, come check it out and yes…we hit pads”.

I went and to my surprise was glad to see that there were other females in the class looking for the same type of workout. The gym itself reminded me of Rocky (old school, no fluff) and thankfully was exactly was I was looking for. 8 years later, I am still here with no end in sight. BW is what I call my main gym and my family. Coming from Massachusetts, its nice to have a place to go where “everybody knows your name”. Try getting that at your local 24 hr fitness/ballys etc…

The teachers at Boxing Works are all fantastic. Each kickboxing/boot camp class has its own personality, just like the instructors J, with a focus on kicking and punching. Boxing Works provides an overall great workout for anyone who wants to train/learn without actually having to get in a ring and spar in a very friendly non-intimidating fashion.

I am thankful to have found Boxing Works and hope that everyone who comes in can have/will have the same positive experience AND burn off the cookies you ate at lunch!!

Much love to Bryan and the Boxing Works Team!!

Lisa T.

Torrance muay Thai kickboxing
Have you ever met a coach that you feel that you've known for so many years yet you've just met him? That's how I felt  about Bryan Popejoy. He gives you this warm welcome to Boxing Works. Even the gym feels like home.

   I'm a nurse and I go thru so much physical and mental work everyday. People come in the hospital at their worst and expect us to make it better. This and other personal things were taking a toll on my over all health. So I knew I had to find something that will make me feel better. I wanted to train Muay Thai because its a contact sports. I can not hit with BJJ and I want to be able to hit and kick. MT was perfect, with all the kicking and the punching I see it to be very graceful and tactical. Being used to yoga and weights the first training to me felt like i ran 5 miles. I don't like running so this was the best cardiovascular work out for me. My body hurt all over the next day BUT that's how I know it worked because I now feel every inch of my muscles. Believe it or not it helps with everyday frustrations, being able to kick that pad and that bag feels like the weight of everyday life comes off my shoulders. All that endorphin really helps. I kept on coming back and I feel stronger and more aware of who ever I am face with. It almost became second nature that I know they might be doing next. The intense work out made me more energetic at work, I checked my blood pressure and it's been that best so far, I feel less tired after a 12 hour shift, my legs are leaner and stronger and ofcourse I like how my fitted skirts look on me now. This made me come back 2-3 times a week. Everyone in the gym felt like a friend and family. Being new to MT, I can ask anyone who has been training for a while how to do a certain move...and wrapping my hands. That was a challenge for me but in my gym 2 people stopped what they were doing because they saw me struggling. That's what kind of people we have in this gym, I've never seen that anywhere else.

   For the first time in a long time. I found something that is healthy for me physically, mentally and yes emotionally.  It is affordable too. You know when people mention the runner's high? This is the MUAY THAI HIGH.  

Jean M.

I trained here for more than seven years... I've taken boxing, cardio kickboxing and muay thai. The trainers are all professional, the equipment and facilities clean, and everyone all around nice people. I made some really good friends there and...consider my old muay thai mates to be family...just all around supportive people who want you to help you be the best you can be.

Kara M.

Torrance kickboxing Muay Thai
I reached a weight of 230 pounds... I was having extreme back pain and my doctor told me I needed to lose weight in order to alleviate some of the extra weight bearing pain I suffered from due to two herniated discs and a slipped vertebrae...I wanted to feel and look better than my condition at the time. Little did I know that Boxing Works would quickly become my home away from home and its members my extended family.  The instructors help you get more comfortable and confident with the sport in a very patient and supportive way. I’ve been taking classes for two years now and in every class I learn at least one new thing, which is awesome, and makes me feel like I’m building a solid foundation for the sport piece by piece....I gained incredible endurance, strength, and confidence. I couldn’t have been happier... Altogether I lost 75 lbs. on my weight loss journey and most importantly I feel and look great! Thanks to Boxing Works, I continue to train and maintain my weight and health… I’m surprised and proud of where I am now!

I think the classes at Boxing Works are fantastic and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good workout (and later, a good night’s sleep) while learning to defend yourself and making new friends. I highly recommend Boxing Works to anyone, regardless of age or gender.

Ana Marcela Flores
Special Education Instructional Assistant

The Kids Muay Thai Boxing Program at Boxing Works is fantastic. We enrolled our 7-yr old son in the 6-month program last Fall after a trial class. Kronphet Phetrachapat is a kind, engaging coach who clearly enjoys sharing his wealth of Muay Thai knowledge and techniques with the young students. Our son, who tends to be skeptical and reserved when exploring any new social setting or activity, seems to dig deeply each class to find focus, respect, patience and strength. These classes involve discipline, great exercise, and valuable lessons in self defense. It's awesome to see the boys and girls of various ages, backgrounds, and skill sets learn together in a real boxing/martial arts training environment. We've found each representative of Boxing Works, under the guidance of head trainer and owner, Bryan Popejoy, to be welcoming, understanding, and encouraging. Boxing Works has a genuine atmosphere of athleticism, culture and community.

Mary M.

Torrance MMA
This gym gave me the chance to live my dream! I spent years trying to learn my striking to prepare for MMA. I began thinking I couldn't learn it. The Passion and precision of the instruction really set Boxing Works apart!  Six months after finding them I had a 3-1 record and was on my way! I have recently had my MMA debut which I won thanks to the high level of Muay Thai that I have been shown giving me an chance to use my new skills to bring the fight to the ground. I am a Brown belt in Jiu Jitsu and with out making my opponent respect my striking I couldn't have gotten close enough to get ahold of him to win in such a dominating fashion. Thank you to all the amazing instructors and students for this opportunity! I couldn't recommend this gym any higher to anyone. It's really a special place. Very friendly and no nonsense!

Michael Koelzer
MMA Fighter

The instruction from  Bryan Popejoy is top-notch. He is a championship fighter and he is very nice and humble. His knowledge about both the techniques and the history of Muay Thai in the golden age is unparalleled.

The gym itself is awesome; the heavy bags are in great condition and the mats are very nice. There is an additional area in the back with a legitimate boxing ring. It's an amazing feeling getting in that ring.

I plan to keep training at Boxing Works for as long as I'm in the South Bay.

Clayton Schoeny