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Torrance Boxing Gym

Over the past 21 years, Boxing Works has taught the secrets to hundreds of our students…..through our training methods, we have melted of literally tons of fat, built untold amounts of ripped, lean muscle, developed world class cardio, and armed our students with the self confidence to tackle any obstacle, no matter the size!

Boxing Classes Torrance

Boxing Works World Champion Sammy Fuentes in action

We teach the sweet science of Boxing the old school way. Learn proper footwork to float like a butterfly. Learn to hit hard and fast to sting like a bee. You will bob and weave, block and parry, learn counter-punching and angles of attack. This is serious boxing. We will teach you the moves that the pros use. Do it for a killer workout, or get ready for your next competition. Class uses partner drills, focus mitts, heavy bags, interval training, rope work, and medicine balls—all to get you in great shape while learning this classic ring sport.

If you’ve every wanted to know the Truth about World Class, Championship Boxing level Physical conditioning or discover the seldom taught secrets to building devastating KO power, than look no further than the Boxing program our Torrance Boxing school.  Make no mistake, this isn’t an ordinary “gym”, it’s a school.  You’ll be taught the ABC’s and 123’s of the sport, not just put on a bag and ignored or worse yet, “thrown to the wolves”.

Boxing Classes in Torrance

Some of our Boxing Students in action.

Torrance Boxing

It makes no difference if you are a complete novice who has never thrown a punch in his/her life, a boxing fan looking to “Get into the Ring” or an aspiring fighter looking to take their training to new highs, Boxing Works has the facility, the coaching staff, and the drive to help you reach your Boxing goals!
Torrance Boxing

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Boxing in Torrance

Working the jab