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I found something that is healthy for me physically, mentally and yes emotionally

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Have you ever met a coach that you feel that you've known for so many years yet you've just met him? That's how I felt  about Bryan Popejoy. He gives you this warm welcome to Boxing Works. Even the gym feels like home.

   I'm a nurse and I go thru so much physical and mental work everyday. People come in the hospital at their worst and expect us to make it better. This and other personal things were taking a toll on my over all health. So I knew I had to find something that will make me feel better. I wanted to train Muay Thai because its a contact sports. I can not hit with BJJ and I want to be able to hit and kick. MT was perfect, with all the kicking and the punching I see it to be very graceful and tactical. Being used to yoga and weights the first training to me felt like i ran 5 miles. I don't like running so this was the best cardiovascular work out for me. My body hurt all over the next day BUT that's how I know it worked because I now feel every inch of my muscles. Believe it or not it helps with everyday frustrations, being able to kick that pad and that bag feels like the weight of everyday life comes off my shoulders. All that endorphin really helps. I kept on coming back and I feel stronger and more aware of who ever I am face with. It almost became second nature that I know they might be doing next. The intense work out made me more energetic at work, I checked my blood pressure and it's been that best so far, I feel less tired after a 12 hour shift, my legs are leaner and stronger and ofcourse I like how my fitted skirts look on me now. This made me come back 2-3 times a week. Everyone in the gym felt like a friend and family. Being new to MT, I can ask anyone who has been training for a while how to do a certain move...and wrapping my hands. That was a challenge for me but in my gym 2 people stopped what they were doing because they saw me struggling. That's what kind of people we have in this gym, I've never seen that anywhere else.

   For the first time in a long time. I found something that is healthy for me physically, mentally and yes emotionally.  It is affordable too. You know when people mention the runner's high? This is the MUAY THAI HIGH.  

Jean M.

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